Judo Martial Arts Black Unisex Hoodie

Judo Martial Arts Black Unisex Hoodie

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Judo Black Unisex Hoodie
Judo, or the Way of Gentleness, is an ideal form of physical exercise and a reliable system, of self-defense.
Judo was specially created from traditional Japanese martial arts. This unique Judo design created for those practicing Kodokan judo is a unique gift for anyone who practices this martial art.
Over a hundred years ago Jigoro Kano mastered swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat. Failing to discover any underlying principle, he set about designing a new martial art to reflect the concept of maximum efficiency in the use of physical and mental energy.
Today, the concepts and techniques of judo taught at the Kodokan are the ones originally devised by their creator. The techniques are combined in two types of practice: randori (free practice) and kata (the practice of forms). Kodokan Judo helps students and instructors everywhere to discover the principles, techniques, and spirit of this popular martial art.
Now you can let others know that you practice Judo.
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