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We're located in the heartland of the USA in Crown Point, Indiana.

Crown Point is a Norman Rockwell kind of city - you may recognize the city name as John Dillinger made his famous jail break right here in the downtown. 

Crown Point is also the place where Ronald Reagan got married and Rudy Valentino did too as Lake County's courthouse here in Crown Point was known as the Marriage Mill back in the day.

We take pride in being from the Midwest.  I'm a farmer's daughter with love for my country and the people in it.

I began selling t-shirts and hoodies online in 2016.  I've always loved finding cool tees ever since I was a teen.

As an adult, I began making a few for myself as I couldn't find ones I liked and if I did, the shipping cost was high or I worried about the quality of the clothing.

Family and friends would ask me to make tees for them and soon, people I passed at the post office and grocery would ask me where I bought my t-shirt or hoodie. After having this happen repeatedly over the course of a few years, I began selling online.

We have sold countless t-shirts, hoodies and long sleeve t-shirts on Amazon but due to repeated problems with copycats on Amazon stealing our designs (and often our exact product description) we have slowed listing on Amazon.  It is close to impossible to catch these thieves and I'd rather be designing more fun designs than chasing unethical people.  We do have some designs still on Amazon but the majority are now only on our own site to protect our brand quality. 

Due to my own small town roots, we have expanded our horse  themed designs - you'll find cutting, barrel racing, reining, dressage and many other designs.

Our design line increases daily and if you don't see it, please ask - we may have designs available or will discuss custom designs especially for schools, churches and rescue groups.

All of our clothes are printed here in the USA.  

The site is family oriented and family friendly.  Your ten year old can browse without your worrying a profanity laden or x-rated humor shirt is going to pop up.

Our goal is to provide you with quality made apparel and unique designs.  We do not mass produce clothing. 

We use environmentally ink and create our shirts one by one - right here in the USA. 

We ship to your door - we do not have a physical storefront with apparel for sale.  My fulfillment centers are located on the West Coast and East Coast so we can quickly get orders to our customers. 

Because people come in all shapes and sizes, you'll see we have sizes from Baby to Men's 5XL.

We list our top selling colors but if you like a design - except you would prefer it on a purple t-shirt instead of a black t-shirt - just contact us. 

You are always welcome to contact us via email -  

or by phone

219 779 7085

If you would prefer a call back versus email communication, please include your phone number and the best time to reach you.

We are usually in the office Monday through Friday 9AM - 4PM Central Time Zone.

All invoices have a toll free number in the event that you have any questions regarding a purchase.

WHOLESALE INQUIRIES - Due to quite a few queries about wholesale, we will be expanding soon to offer wholesale accounts to a select number of retailers.  Please contact us to discuss - no obligation of course!

CUSTOM - Yes, we are available to create custom orders - from company picnics to cheer leading camp to family reunions - we'd be happy to talk with you about what is needed.

Hey!! - that's a pic of me below.  I added it so you have a face to go with the voice if you call and so that you have a high comfort level in knowing - you are ordering from a real person in a real company, in a real city.  :)


Diana Loera