July 4 1776 and 1976

As we work on July 4th designs, as I do most every time I think of July, I think back to July 1976.

1976 was a bicentennial year - the 200th anniversary of 1776.

My grandparents owned a family store and one of our hot sellers had been bicentennial belt buckles (I wish I had tucked a couple of them away).

My grandpa was a loyal member of the local Lion's Club - never missed a meeting and was awarded countless statues and wall plaques. The Lion's Club always marched in the July 4th parade which was held at our county seat.

That year, the Lion's Club came up with the idea of the Boston Tea Party complete with a float shaped like a ship and Indians (of which one was my grandpa).

If that didn't give me enough smiles, my grandparents orchestrated a program for our own small farm town.  My grandpa recruited a younger man to dress up as Paul Revere and ride one of our horses, Old Tom, through town yelling "The British are Coming" while hanging on to a lamp as well as Old Tom - no small feat.

I have had countless people, many who were children then, tell me over the years how they, like I do, remember these two history lessons.  Of course, we didn't realize we were seeing history re-enacted at that time. 

Take the time to teach your children and grandchildren.  Help make history real to them.  The memory you create is priceless.