Find Your True North - Be Kind to Others

In this day and age, especially with social media - it is so incredibly easy to make judgments (and post comments that one wouldn't dream of saying to someone in person).

I avoid some social media groups online due to the negative comments and lack of help that unfortunately I see more and more often.

Yesterday, a post popped up in my Facebook feed - a guy was asking a question in a group that I belong to.  Over 30 people decided to reply and do you know - all 30 were just plain mean?  Seriously, is this what we have become - a nation of rude and mean people?

I know we all sometimes have bad mornings, or bad days or even bad weeks - but being kind to others isn't difficult.

Not being judgmental is actually fairly easy. Be kind to others - you don't know what people are dealing with daily or how their day is or what their situation is - be kind - you may be the one thing that made their day a little easier.