Bird Box and My Mother

My mom is in her 80's.  She has never been online, really doesn't grasp the whole online thing. She listens to the radio more so than she watches TV. 

Organic is a bad thing - don't even mention the word.  She eats it, I just no longer tell her especially as she has a banana each morning and I only buy organic ones.

She wanted a Jitterbug mobile phone last year - which kind of surprised me but one of her pals got one.  It is a glorified clock/paperweight but she likes it even if it is never used.

So you can imagine my total surprise when she asked me this morning how to get NetFlix on TV.  NetFlix????  

Of course, I had to ask why she was interested in NetFlix.  Well, she wants to see Bird Box.  :)   Even when someone is 80 plus - they can still surprise you.  :)