Are Your Actions Commendable?

Today, after watching several days of simply crazy news stories and reading a few online posts that contained commentary that was downright rude, if not bullying (by an adult to another adult) - I have reflected on the behavior I exhibit daily.

Recently, it came to my attention that some people may belong to a group and think they are doing something in the best interest of others. They have decided to write letters of protest - not knowing- at all- the person that they are protesting nor the person's situation.

If you are doing something that harms another- be it that it insults them, belittles them, affects their business, affects their self esteem - you are NOT doing something that is beneficial to anyone - including yourself.

Years ago, I began applying a thought before I did said or did something - how would I feel if the action was done to my mother?  Now it is also applicable to say how would I feel if the comment/action was made to my child?

Forget how I may feel - how will it affect someone else?

Treat others like you wish to be treated - simple advice - worth its weight in gold.