About Trending Now TShirts and Me

Thank you for visiting Trending Now TShirts. My name is Diana Loera.

As with any business, I think it is important to know who you are doing business with and that you have a face to go with the online business.  There is nothing that perplexes me more than visiting a website and finding no info at all about the person behind the url.

I'm a farmer's daughter - born in the Midwest.  My dad raced horses (as well as farmed), my grandparents farmed and had a family business and my grandpa sold insurance out of his home office.  I was exposed to working from home from a very early age. Being self employed was pretty much a given and I really never thought it was unusual to do so.

Customer service was a natural part of growing up and I saw it in action every day.  Treating people with kindness and respect was also a given.

As an adult, I created and ran an ad agency (TV and radio) for many years and also consulted for companies (both private and public) to help them grow their business and discover out points that may have hindered profit growth. My strong forte is statistical analysis and I also have an outgoing personality - the two traits typically do not go together but for me they always have.

I've always loved cool and fun t-shirts and would make my own.  I came from the mindset that if I couldn't find what I wanted, I would make it or find someone to make it for me (this included purses, jewelry and western boots among other things). TShirts, I discovered from a very early age, I could make myself.

I created Trending Now TShirts much later down the road from those childhood experiments.  All of my designs are family friendly.  

Before I use a certain brand or style of apparel on the website, it is used for designs, washed and washed and washed and worn countless times so I can make sure the fabric holds up, the design looks great and the fit is right.